Blackberry Enterprise Server

Sheesh, hell hath no fury like senior management that cannot connect to the Internet via their Blackberry handsets. I have been under the pump for the last day and a half because they couldn’t get access. Never mind that we have external access via VPN, Outlook Web Access, Wireless broadband cards to all access email and their associated links to articles but noooo, must have it on the blackberry too…

In the end I worked it out and have got it working. If you do have a problem with Blackberry handsets or enterprise server, i highly recommend going to to look up your issues. Chances are you will find your answer long before you can find any help from any manuals or instructions that supposedly come with the product. i got a 2 inch thick book with the software, but that was just the software licence agreement in about a billion languages…

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2 Responses to Blackberry Enterprise Server

  1. Greg says:

    Why, why, why…  And on top of that, why would you fork out for a BES if you already have a working exchange environment – Just enable server side active sync and forget about it…
    Why why…

  2. Brett says:

    Becasue the management all have their dinky (read crappy) little handsets rather than getting fantastic Windows Mobile devices that would save all my problems. But, it does mean that myself and my mate can get all the benefits of the Server Push technology. mine when i log on wirelessly with the Axim and he with his KJAM

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