Upgrades that worked….

You know, there are always two things that worry me…

  • System Upgrades
  • Symantec Products

Now when you add those together, I tend to worry even more. However, I actually had some successful upgrades to our system. Not only did two of the three systems upgrade perfectly, they even retained the previous system settings and where up and running straight away.

The third system was not so lucky. The uninstall didn’t work so i had to manually uninstall (uugh) and then re-install from scratch. However, we are now up and running and that additional AV protection is now working (it’s not the only mail scanner we have).

The other good news is that we have actually gained benefits from the upgrade and not just the pretty UI either. It is now doing true type attachment scanning ( which is the primary focus ) and we have caught attachments already that would have gotten through previously by renaming the file extension. that and the fact that the Release by Mail function actually works, we have broadened the capability.

To top it off, my monitoring system is free of false positives and i cut the amount of SMS text messages that i receive

I love it when my Wednesday night specials actually work…..

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