Pies done for the year…

It’s taken me a while to get over the disappointment of Collingwood’s dismal exit from the finals. After kicking the best score of the round in the first quarter, we then let the Bulldogs kick 14 of the next 15 goals before grabbing a few consolation goals…

Not only that while watching it, I could see the same problems that have plagued us all year. A complete inability to man up, and inability to win at the stoppages and Tarrant failing to kick goals when it counts…

Not only that Brody is gone for the next quarter of the 2007. Now while his hit and Daniel Chick’s hit weren’t the same, how come one got off and one got 6 weeks. If Brody’s Hit was worth 6, then Chick’s must have been worth 2. If Chick got off scot-free (another win for the interstate teams) then Brody’s was worth 2 maybe 3. All this crap about previous record is complete shite. It’s not like he got suspended 4 times in one season like cam Mooney or anything…

So my Dud of the week goes to Chris Tarrant and also the AFL Tribunal…

Note that Collingwood drew the biggest crowd in 16 of the 22 rounds, beating its 15 in 2003, 14 in 2002, and Essendon’s 14 in 2000 – it would seem that claims by Woodsmen that the AFL needs the Pies more than the other way round  seem to have an element of truth.

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