Non Victorian Teams taking over

Should you live outside of Melbourne (or don’t support a Melbourne club) it may be hard for you to understand the difficulty of acceptance by those living in the southern capital that the "non-Victorians" have taken over.
Premiership cups – five out of the last six.
Brownlow Medals – six of the last eight winners.
Norm Smith Medal – four of the last six.
Jock McHale Medal – five of the last six.
Mark of the Year – three of the last five.
Goal of the Year – four of the last five.
AFL Players’ Association MVP – four of the last seven.

And you wonder why Melbourne clubs, players and the public get the shits over all the extra benefits that the interstate teams get. Brisbane were pretty much able to buy their three premierships. look what happened when they cut back the extras.

Plus all this AFL finals Live in Channel 10 is complete crap.. I still have to wait until 10:35 to watch the bloody game! not only that, i have to sit through a repeat showing of "Americas Sweethearts", a naff movie vehicle to get Catherine Zeta-Jones popular in mainstream America. the Channel Ten Ads trumpet AFL Finals Live, and then in the very next frame, show the time of 10:35pm.

The AFL can shove it’s development dollars up it butt if we can’t see the marque games on TV!! How do you respond to the  your kid after you get them all excited by enrolling them in Auskick, go to the AFL Games (of a team i hate, no less) and then talk about how Finals is the cream of the crop, the best of the best and all that if i then have to explain that Channel Ten won’t show it on TV… Of course their response is that the ad said they would show ALL of the finals LIVE. why did they lie to me Daddy??

You bastards, Channel 10 and the AFL for not sticking up for the game. Forget stupid comments about the Storm game, fix your own backyard first

 You idiots!

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