Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs Elimination Final

n Collingwood v Western Bulldogs




506 Ben Johnson Total Disposals Scott West 653
363 Ben Johnson Total Kicks Lindsay Gilbee 308
165 Josh Fraser Total Marks Brad Johnson 164
237 Shane O’Bree Total Handballs Scott West 400
110 Shane O’Bree Total Tackles Daniel Cross 150
31 Josh Fraser Frees for Scott West 49
27 Anthony Rocca Frees against Ryan Hargrave 27
285 Josh Fraser Total Hitouts Peter Street 407
125 Simon Prest’como Total 1%ers Brian Harris 180





u Collingwood v Fsc-West.B’dogs in finals, 1938-1974


Footscray 10.16-76 v Collingwood 18.9-117 – 41pts


Collingwood 17.17-119 v Footscray 12.12-84 – 35pts


Collingwood 15.7-96 v Footscray 7.15-57 – 39pts


Collingwood 19.10-124 v Footscray 6.19-55 – 69pts

l This year the Magpies have won 8 from 12 at the MCG – the Bulldogs have won 2 from 5.

l This will be the Western Bulldogs first final against a Victorian side.
They were known as Footscray when they last met Victorian opposition.

l Both Collingwood and the Bulldogs have played non-Victorian teams in their last 7 finals.

l Collingwood have still played their last 5 finals at the MCG of which they have lost just two – both were Grand Finals against Brisbane

l The Bulldogs were the first of Collingwood’s 6 Elimination Finals of which they won 3 …
1974-EF-P   Col 19.10-124 v Fsc 6.19-55
1975-EF-P   Rch 11.11-77 v Col 10.13-73
1980-EF-MCG NM 14.12-96 v Col 14.20-104
1984-EF-MCG Col 23.15-153 v Fit 15.17-107
1989-EF-P   Mel 17.9-111 v Col 13.10-88
1992-2EF-P  Col 12.11-83 v StK 13.13-91

l The Bulldogs played just two more Elimination Finals in 1976 – losing to Geelong and 2000 – losing in Brisbane …
1976-EF-P       Gee 14.18-102 v Fsc 14.11-95
2000-2EF-BCG(n) Bri 15.20-110 v WB 10.16-76

l The Bulldogs have not lost 5 consecutive finals since they lost their first 6 between 1938 and 1951.

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