September 12th – What a day it will be

Every once in a while, there seems to be one day that becomes weirdly popular, whether by coincidence or by some big plans (unbeknownst to me Down Under). This time it appears to be September 12th 2006. These are the things that I know will be happening on this day

  • Lego Star Wars II –  Original Trilogy will be released – these games are so cool for kids and adults alike
  • Star Wars original trilogy on DVD – These are the unaltered versions for us puritans!!
  • Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh released ( apparently, I can’t find the link where i first saw that , so no linkage
  • Apple releases more stuff ( yawn..). more iPhone rumours and updating another version iPod (and again rendering them all obsolete before they are 12-18 months old). Yet another closed system that costs more and does less. Haven’t seen monopoly calls for the US government on that yet??!!
  • Nuclear Nucular War Starts – ummm.. okay then

Obviously these are something that i am keen on, except Apple’s thing (it is fun to gee up the Fanboys though). As long as  i get to get to play a bit of Lego Star Wars before the world dissolves in full thermonuclearnukular war

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