Pies st up clash with Dogs

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    A late goal spree at the MCG has seen Collingwood leapfrog St Kilda into fifth position on the ladder with the Pies defeating the Kangaroos 20.19 (139) to 10.11 (71) to set up an elimination clash with the Bulldogs.  

    Good on you lads, nohing like a strong finish to launch your finals aspirations. Good to see no less than a 10 goal qaurter to close it out too. if only it wasn’t the game being shown at 1am on Monday morning. Thanks for nothing Channel 9, i’m glad you are off for the next few years, no-one could treat QLD, especially non-brisbane supporters any worse than what you have over the last few years.

      Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4  
    Collingwood   3.3  6.7  10.13  20.19  (139)
    Kangaroos   3.4  5.5  7.9  10.11  (71)
    Paul Licuria (4)
    Chris Tarrant (3)
    Chris Egan (3)
    Tarkyn Lockyer (2)
    Dane Swan (1)
    Rhyce Shaw (1)
    Anthony Rocca (1)
    Ryan Lonie (1)
    Ben Johnson (1)
    Brodie Holland (1)
    Corey Jones (3)
    Saverio Rocca (3)
    Brent Harvey (1)
    Brady Rawlings (1)
    Shannon Watt (1)
    Kasey Green (1)