Well, I fixed my IE7 feeds. i exported the list, deleted the Feed Cache and Feed folders(located in the c:documents and settings%username%/local settings/application data/microsoft/). I then opened IE7 in no addons mode and subscribed to  a couple of new feeds, including this one.

A few new posts and whaddyaknow, it updated automatically. i then closed all IE windows, opened a new normal one and imported my feeds again and they all updated… Success !!

Unfortunately, i had no such luck with the Video feed in the previous post. It must be that Live Spaces doesn’t support embedded video or something unless i have missed an option or a setting somewhere. I couldn’t find any mention of this fact so i guess it might be one of those undocumented features. It is a pity because the video of the laser guided rocket launcher made out of Lego is pretty amazing.

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