Pies Edge Plucky Port

Nathan Buckley has celebrated his club-record 154th game as Collingwood’s captain by inspiring the Magpies to a two-point win against Port Adelaide in an enthralling battle at AAMI Stadium on Friday night. 

His inspiring mark at the top of the square was a delight to behold. Of course, in a way that only Collingwood can do, it was followed by a crushing low as Burns hit the post from point blank range.

This was followed by elation by Didak marking inside 50 and calmy potting a goal to take the lead with 19 seconds to go. Of course, Port had a final shove by winning the ball out of the centre (again or still?) but fortunately, the long bomb was offtarget and rushed through for a behind…

We certainly needed this win to put pressure on the other teams to keep up. As it was Sydney and the Saints both folded, keeping us in the race for 4th spot…

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4  
Port Adelaide   3.4  9.6  12.8  12.15  (87)
Collingwood   6.5  10.10  10.13  12.17  (89)

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    Port Adelaide
    Brett Ebert (4)
    Shaun Burgoyne (2)
    Tom Logan (1)
    Steven Salopek (1)
    Toby Thurstans (1)
    Brendon Lade (1)
    Kane Cornes (1)
    Chad Cornes (1)
    Sean Rusling (3)
    Nathan Buckley (2)
    Alan Didak (1)
    Josh Fraser (1)
    Ben Johnson (1)
    Tarkyn Lockyer (1)
    Shane O’Bree (1)
    Heath Shaw (1)
    Travis Cloke (1)