Crows win Thriller

Adelaide has outlasted Collingwood in a desperately fought final quarter for a four-point win in a thrilling, low-scoring struggle in front of a crowd of 45,658 at AAMI Stadium on Saturday night.


Aaargh, what a frustrating night…. I was at my Dad’s place so we were mainly watching the rugby and switching back as best we could. It seemed we were keeping in touch so I had some high hopes. Once the rugby had finished, we started watching the game and it all went downhill.


Why didn’t someone shepherd Taz’s finall kick? When do you see Bucks try a dinky Handball when running into the 50?/ Still, there are positives to be taken from the game with a win and a close result from the top two form sides, plus we play the four bottom teams in our last five games. It is entirely possible that we could end up in 3rd spot at the end of 22 rounds. Come on lads…































Tyson Edwards


Trent Hentschel


Jason Porplyzia


Brent Reilly


Ken McGregor



Alan Didak


Tarkyn Lockyer


Ryan Lonie


Heath Shaw


Chris Egan


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