The Clix is available

After what seems like an eternity. the iRiver Clix is available in Australia…
At last, i have been waiting for these for ages, ever since seeing the rave reviews from a number of people, especially from those inside the MS team that worked with iRiver to make the whole WMP 11, Urge, iRiver Clix partnership run smoothly.
The ironic thing is that my current budget doesn’t extend to getting one right now. it appears that keeping the ChapsMobile running (and stopping) is a bit more important. I do have preliminary approval from the Resdential Finance Director (my wife) but on the proviso that the funds come from the eBay earnings. So now i am going through my excess gear to find what i will be posting for auction.
In the meantime, i will have to resort to reading about i from Sean, Frank, Long and the others all speaking well of their new toys… Check out a review here at AnythingbutiPod or watch the video below
what happened to the Video from Google Video and anythingbutipod?
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