Renewed Pies in Strong Win

Collingwood’s hopes of a top four finish are alive and well after the Magpies resurrected their faltering season with a spirited win over the West Coast Eagles at Telstra Dome on Saturday.  It must be something to do with Free-To-Air matches, they always seem to shine when on TV.
It was great to see O’Bree and Holland back to fine form as well as youngsters Egan and Thomas. West Coast have been known for overrunning teams in the last quarter so it was good to see the Lads come out and pile on a stack of goals to make sure of the result.
Buckley continues to shine when resting up forward. You back him ninout of ten times to win a one-on-one contest with the hapless defender in front of goals. he set up a number of goals as well. It’s been a grewat move to rest him up there rather than off the ground. The rise and rise of our young midfielders is what has been able to make it possible and it certainly gladdens the heart of every Collingwood Fan.
As luck would have it, my collingwood Jumper arrived at work today o i may casually drape it over my chair to remind everyone…

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4  
Collingwood   3.3  10.7  12.11  19.13  (127)
West Coast Eagles   5.5  8.8  10.11  13.12  (90)
Chris Tarrant (4)
Shane O’Bree (3)
Josh Fraser (2)
Chris Egan (2)
Nathan Buckley (2)
Dale Thomas (1)
Benjamin Davies (1)
Dane Swan (1)
Anthony Rocca (1)
Brodie Holland (1)
West Coast Eagles
Mark Seaby (3)
Quinten Lynch (2)
Brent Staker (2)
Sam Butler (1)
Beau Waters (1)
Michael Braun (1)
Daniel Kerr (1)
Andrew McDougall (1)
David Wirrpanda (1)
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