Grid Kids at the V8 Supercars

Thanks to the vagaries of a Lucky Draw, Emily got to be one of the Grid Kids for Team Betta this weekend at the Queensland 300 at Queensland Raceway yesterday. for those that don’t know, most teams have the Grid Girls at the start of the race which hold the Team flags and generally show the team colours at the start of the race.
Team Betta is trialling a new concept of the Grid Kids so instead of four scantily clad models, they are using the Frid Kids to hold the Team Flags. This is the second time they have done it so we are yet to see if it will become a more permanent fixture.
Anyway, we left early in the morning to make the trek up to the Queensland Raceway. Knowing from previous experience (of others) we knew we had to leave early as traffic gets so terrible that the CunnungHam Highway gets completely gridlocked. We only had delays for the last 10 kilometres. Once we grabbed a parking spot, we walked for about 20mins to get to the track.
After watching the races for a while, we then went and got Emilys Team Shirt and Cap that she was to wear. We then had three hours to try and keep her clean. Trust me, in a dustbowl that the Raceway is, that is harder than it sounds. We watched more races, wandered around the pits and then reported to the Truck to meet up with the others.
Emily got to be in front of Craig Lowndes‘ car which was Fourth on the grid. alas, the TV coverage didn’t really seem to cover it but there was plenty of photography going on… and that was just the parents
Then it was back off the track to see the start of the Race. We watched for about half the race and then made the long trek back to the care. We decided not to wait until the end because the traffic would have been even worse.
A great time was had by all. Em was sooo excited after she came off the track, she was bounding around and waving her flag and carrying in. She crashed not long after that and had a bit of a nap while we watched the race.
Thanks to Betta Stores Ltd and Team Betta for the opportunity to do this, it is something that will be remembered for a long time. Check out the Pics  in the Photos section of this site.
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