Top 10 Ways to Motivate Geeks

I managed to get this from a variety of sources but this post on the Retrospector Blog hits a raw nerve. In his first paragraph, he hits the nail completely on the head

Being a geek myself, I think this is a subject I think needs to penetrate all levels of management in every company that values their geeks. By no means is this a rant, but for the last 10 years I’ve seen what motivates us and what doesn’t. I’ve seen the managers that just don’t get it. I’ve seen those that understand completely and react accordingly.

I have listed the 10 ways here but check out the article for the explanations to get the full gist of what he is talking about. I’m sure you’ll agree.

1. Geeks are curious. Let them feed their desire to learn things

2. Geeks like to be self-sustaining. Let them figure things out on their own.

3. Geeks are creative even if they don’t know it. Give them a chance.

4. Geeks need tools, good ones. Give them more than they need.

5. Private, yet collaborative. Geeks need to be left alone, but not too alone.

6. Free stuff. T-shirts, food, desktop widgets, whatever.

7. Control

8. Geeks need recognition

9. Freedom

10. Compensation – Saved this for last, but geeks gotta live too

Now if only our management would actually read AND understand AND follow it through..

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