WSS 2007 gets go-ahead

Woohooo, just did a presentation to the IT Team and the COO about the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services 2007 and how it would benefit us and slip in to draw a lot of our Lin-of-business apps together and provide a starting point for a lot of up-coming projects. Not only that I had a day and a half to configure a blank SharePoint Site, do up a PowerPoint presentation and then present it in the Boardroom.

It went down very well and I managed to slip in plugs for Office 2007 and re-iterated the need for our Dev team to all have VSS 2005 (not just one guy…). Management really sat up when I said that WSS 2007 is a low cost option and that we are entitled (so far) to Office upgrades under our current SA agreement.

It went down so well that the COO is now excited and wants us to move ahead as soon as we can. We’ll be implementing electronic Forms and the like and to begin to replace our existing Intranet Solution with a view to slowly expanding it out to our Store Intranet.

Now we are full steam ahead, well, as much as I can with my other seven Priority 1 tasks. I have been campaigning for so long for SharePoint to do exactly these things. Now I just have to keep the wave going through the developers (half of whom didn’t even know what it was about) and also the business owners so that we can get involvement at all levels.


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