Office Renovation

Oh no… time for the big Home office cleanout. We went to IKEA the other day ( oh I so can’t wait until it is in the new premises – but that’s a whole other story..) and I picked up a Computer disk that will be able to store the 3 Servers, Monitor, KVM and all the attendant cabling, Hubs, Wireless Router and Cable Modem. Not only that it was in the Bargain centre for around half-price because it was marked. It was nothing a Pencil eraser couldn’t remove.

So out come all the existing hodge-podge of desks and then it will be the shuffle and try and fit the jigsaw in. one day we’ll do it all properly and make the desks for the space. But until then it is whatever we can beg, borrow and buy cheaply. I counted the Hardware and it came to 11 PC’s and 4 Servers. It is somewhat over the top for the 3 of us but some of these have already been marked for sale/giveaway/removal. It’ll be culled back to more acceptable levels. I still have my old Pentium 90 that first introduced me to Voodoo 3D cards, Windows 95 and the Doom/Quake delights, forever hooking me on First-person shooters forever.

Anyway, must get the vacuum out and clean up the considerable dust that has piled up and continue before I lose momentum….

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