Outlook 2007 Crashing…

So now My Outlook 2007 continuously crashes over and over and over again…. The only error I get is a single 0xc0000005 code. Hmmm, could probably do with more details. Perhaps the Office Diagnostics will help… Nup, all clear there. I can’t even tell what is really causing it. I used the commandline switches to disable the addins with no success. A repair and a uninstall/reinstall didn’t fix it either…

Clearly some more error details must will be in the release version. I have no real idea on where to go from here. Going back to 2003 seems so… antiquitated. Back to the Drawing Board for me….


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  1. Perfect in aesthetics … An intoxication in light and colors. A world without cruelty, a vision without wrong. says:

    Hey there! I am getting the same problem on two of my computers that are networked and linked. I have updated the entire Windows XP SP2 from the Microsoft website also but with no success of really getting rid of this problem. Also tried cleaning the registry and sorting up any other traces of a mess, still nothing. After a little research also, it is a simple access violation. It cannot be the RAM because it does the same on two machines. It is strange, I recon this is a simple bug that would need to be looked over by Microsoft. I am unable to fully utilize Outlook 2007 at the moment and am wondering what to do now as I don’t want to use any other program. Ah well, I will keep searching and come back to this post if I do find something.Hope Microsoft actually would look at the posts on here too…

  2. Perfect in aesthetics … An intoxication in light and colors. A world without cruelty, a vision without wrong. says:

    Okay, problem solved. After a lot of searching and headache’s, I have finally found the answer to the problem. It actually is not a fault in Microsoft software (my apologies!), but a problem with other software that I have been using on the computer’s. LEC Power Translator 11 was causing all these because it logs up with Outlook and creates the error 0xc0000005. A simple uninstall was required followed by a registry cleanup. There you are! I suggest that you check up with other software first in case you get an error message like this before heading for MS’s neck.Hope this was of help! – Eugene

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