Wooloowin Sports Day 2006

During one of the rainiest days we’ve had in a while ( but still not in the catchment area), we had the Wooloowin State School Sports Day. of course the only real rain we had was when we all walked over the Kedron State High School oval for our athletics, when we walked back and for the rest of the arvo forcing cancellation of most of the events.
the ones we did get in were the 100m Sprint and the 100m Relay. Now, to me, 100m is still a long way without a footy in the hands, taking a few bounces and then having a shot at goal. i can’t imagine what some of the Grade 1 and 2 kids must have thought at the lines stretching away into the distance.
Anyway, it was great fun to watch and the emphasis was on the participation and enjoyment. The kids have been split up into two houses and are quiote vocal in support with chants and yelling and everything.
Em is no sprinter but she loves to have a go and I was proud as punch watching her race up the lanes with every one cheering. After all, it doesn’t matter who wins or not, it’s all about the fun on the way. A great day was had by all !!
Check out the Photo Album for a few shots of Emily in action….
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2 Responses to Wooloowin Sports Day 2006

  1. John says:

    Sounds like some things never change. We used to walk
    down to Kedron oval for our Sports Day back in the 1950’s !
    Kedron Park Racecourse was still there then. The High School
    didn’t open until 1956 (with only one wing).

  2. Brett says:

    The great trek will continue to happen for some time yet… It will get awkward with the new Tunnel works going in. We are currently working with the Council and the government to reclaim the properties next to the school to allow us to build a hall big enough to hold all the students as part of the whole construction effort

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