SharePoint, here we go….

And so we begin… I am just beginning the installation of SharePoint 2007 on our Test Server so we can bask in its goodness. We have had a couple of ideas on what we could use it for here in our IT dept but now with this new version, I can see many many more ideas moving Forward. I’ll just be doing the WSS version first and get as far as I can with that ( because the bean-counters like free stuff) and I’ll reel them in and then go for the big catch by describing how much more we could do…

Now all I gotta do is download .Net 2.0 AND WWF .NET 3.0 and the WSS 3.0 beta 2.. cripes… Ok, Here we go…

First of all, the Upgrade options…


As I already have a Windows SharePoint Service v2.0 Site installed, I figured I’d do an in place upgrade.

I left all the other settings as default. Didn’t seem the time to get to fancy and it is a test site after all..


And we are away. I just love simple installs. Have I mentioned how much I love the new branding with all of the Office 2007, Vista and Live all tying in the same soft colours and transparencies….

Perhaps I should be using Expression designer and the Sharepoint Designer to link in my Themes


And we’re done, ready to start the Config Wizard. I think this is where it could get full on and get right into the good stuff.

Stay tuned for more…

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One Response to SharePoint, here we go….

  1. Brett says:

    bloody hell, one day i’ll get these pics right…

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