Innovations 2006 Pt II

Well, i have returned from Innovations 2006 with a head full of ideas and a bit of a charge to getthings going.
it was a long day up just after 4am and home by 9pm but a great day all the same. My return home was rejoiced, mostly because i came bearing gifts, chocolate and a sampler box of Krispy Kreme. My Thanks to the folks that helped me get from Brisbane to Sydney to enjoy the presentation, you have rejuvenated my flagging motivations.
Now, convincing bean-counters is always the great problem and until people start filling the McMansions with some more electrical goods, it’s going to be even harder. At first though, i’ll start with what I can do with Sharepoint 2007. this will be something i can begin to look at and use. We’ll need it anyway for Great Plains so we can use the Web componets of it.
Of course, this ain’t so good without Office 2007 tofully make use of it and as part of our Software Assurance agreement, we should be clear to move ahead with that. Now Vista will be the hard part but once released, if i can get it on our radar for when we do start upgrading our desktop and mobile fleet, I’ll be doing OK.
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