Time to lose the loose use of lose/loose

Yes, another way cool feature of Word 2007, the contextual spell checker makes an appearance. First there was the red squiggles for spelling, then the green squiggles for grammar and now the blue squiggles for the Contextual spelling. Hopefully this will at least get rid of the lose/loose, its/it’s, affect/effect (my personal least favourite) and all the other ones of such ilk.

It is still a daily battle for me not to correct spelling and Grammar for the people around me. Of course, my wife stopped me with one of her “withering glares” but the guys at work are shockers for it. Knowing how much they need the spell check, this can only be an improvement

Now that I have put Office 2007 on my Work Laptop, I am finding out all about this new stuff, plus reading one of the best blogs I regularly check where Jensen Harris, the Lead Program Manager of Office UI explains the ins and outs (literally) of the Office 2007 User Interface

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