Hey AFL, fix your bloody website

After looking at both the AFL and NRL websites, I think that tide has turned. For as long as I can remember, the AFL website has always looked the better. The NRL Website had always looked like something from 5 years ago whereas the AFL addeda lot of cool stuff.

The AFL cycles through web site that I have to click on to get the one I want, and then click again to get the rest of the Story. The Results tab defaults to Round 1, not the latest round and the list goes on. Don’t they do any useability Testing??!!


Now, the NRL website looks great, easy to access results, news and all that whereas the AFL is a pain to navigate. Another thing, for gawd’s sake, take the BigPond tabs away from the top of the page… it looks crass and I am looking at my sport, I don’t want to look at other Bigpond pages. If I did, I’d have put in the address for them…

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