Where do I want to go today?

Perhaps this should be “what is my Potential, what is my Passion??”

Yes, i know I am what someone calls a MS Fanboy, essentially this is what drives my career today and funnily enough, I like working with MS products (and it is not because they are flying me to Sydney to see Innovations 2006).

The only problem is that these days, i am beginning to wonder which direction to go in nowadays. I’ve been a Network Admin for near on 10 years now, starting on the Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 3.11 and continuing on since. However, i can only deal with so many Idiot Users and frankly, I am becoming disillusioned. Sure, I can’t expect everyone to have my level of knowledge but you would think that after 18 months of working in a terminal Server environment, a user would be able to tell the difference between the local desktop and the TS Session (the colour of the Start button is a giveaway) but no.. I still have to explain it…

I can’t stay a Network Admin forever but where to from there? There are options, such as Business Analyst, Account Manager (like a Microsoft TAM, for instance… maybe I aimed a bit high there) and others. Also, i could study the hell out of being a developer and attempting the crossover (I could work amongst them but never be one of them..) Who knows??

I could always land a job working at a place where users are willing to learn how to get the best out of their IT systems and that IT is an integral part of the business, not just some black hole. Also, a company that likes to continually reach for the stars in every thing they do…. and the big one, no Ivory Tower, rules for Us and Them. A place were everyone is enthused and want to get the job done and are always looking for the best way to do it.

Does such a place exist? Are they Hiring?? One can only dream…

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2 Responses to Where do I want to go today?

  1. Greg says:

    Did you guys want to tell hind a will I?
    You already are dreaming big guy. Those places exist only in your imagination.

  2. Brett says:

     know… but a bloke has to have some dreams…
    I’ll take any combination of them, even someone who says "Good Job, Chaps" every once in a while

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