Microsoft Enterprise Road Map

Today, I checked out the presentation of the Enterprise Roadmap for Microsoft over the next couple of years. Man, these things excite me seeing the planned products and the capabilities of products to come. A combination of slides and demos are always good and I just looove the Vista and Office 2007 stuff. Sure, I’m on a Vista/ Office 2007 machine now but seeing it in use by IT Pros is always so revealing. It was the first time I’d seen the full Aero Glass stuff too, this machine only runs Aero Basic, which is still enough for me now. Perhaps my Dell Precision laptop will run it better if I dare to convert my Production machine to Vista.

The most annoying thing is that I know that the Bean Counters won’t want to pay to run any of the good stuff. With all the possibilities that we could provide to the business with offerings involving Vista, Office 2007, SharePoint 2007 with the integration of Great Plains and everything else. Sure, we use a Terminal Services environment for both Retailers and Office Staff but I also have limited control over the desktop. Anyone and everyone can benefit from Vista in my view, it’s all about how far you can drive Vista to work for you.

As always with the Retail business, if people don’t buy goods, projects don’t get money (everyone go out and buy some new TV’s and stuff…). So we most likely won’t get new Desktop HW, let alone Vista. We may get office 2007 though as we qualify under our SA agreement. yay, at least it won’t be a total loss….

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