Blatant cross promotion

Need some web-hosting? or some development work done for you? I happen to know a developer with international experience who is apretty good bloke. he is trustworthy although he might of knocked off some of my lego…
Yup, he’s my brother (one of two – all of us in IT, who’d have thought??) and he is good at what he does… Check out his site here… and he is gonna start blogging (if the surf is flat..)
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2 Responses to Blatant cross promotion

  1. Bruce says:

    I don’t have any ‘hot’ lego, thank you very much!  Where’s my Star Wars men, anyway?  I was always quite fond of the Ewoks with the 360 degree rotatable legs, and my ‘jungle greens’ Luke Skywalker.  None seem to be in the dusty box of old toys out the back.

  2. Brett says:

    Oh i know where all the lego has gone…despite strenuous denials…

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