17 years ago today…

17 years ago, a scared and excited 17 year old kid flew halfway across the country to join a whole bunch of other scared kids to commence their new career in the RAAF. Yes, that’s right, 17 years ago, I signed on the dotted line and changed my life forever. Many beers and a bit of training and work her and there, I left the RAAF. Officially, I left the RAAF exactly 8 years ago, almost as long out as in….

Anyway, thanks to all those who helped out that kid as well as all those who helped out the scared and excited bloke who left the RAAF and plunged into corporate life without ever having experienced it before. Here’s to growing even more over the next few challenging years…

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One Response to 17 years ago today…

  1. Greg says:

    Pooh. That means it has been more than 18 years for me and I wasn’t 17 when I joined.
    I must be old!

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