Pies pummel Timid Cats

If ever a game summed up the changing fortunes of two AFL clubs it was this one as Collingwood proved beyond doubt on Saturday night it is a genuine premiership threat at the expense of a rapidly-fading Geelong. 

At last, another game that i got to see on TV without being up till the early hours….

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4  
Collingwood   6.0  12.3  18.10  22.14  (146)
Geelong   2.1  2.4  3.6  6.8  (44)
Anthony Rocca (4)
Leon Davis (4)
Dane Swan (4)
Chris Tarrant (3)
Heath Shaw (2)
Scott Burns (1)
Shane O’Bree (1)
Paul Licuria (1)
Ben Johnson (1)
Brodie Holland (1)
James Kelly (2)
Gary Ablett (1)
Joel Corey (1)
Kent Kingsley (1)
Steve Johnson (1)
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