New Addition to the household

After years of using the old janitor-style backpack vacuum cleaner, i have finally decided to upgrade… of course, along came a staff promotion that took our new purchase out of the realms of the impossible fantasy and brought it within reach of mere mortals…
That’s right.. we have jumped on the trend and now own a Dyson. A DC-15 Ball to be precise.. They way that this works is just fabulous and a tribute to thinking outside the square. it does under all the cupboards in the kitchen because it can just lay right over and slide along.
The scary part is that we did our lounge room that consists of a Tile floor with a single carpet runner and a Lounge room rug that sits under the coffee table in the middle.. and well, you can see the results. it had only been a week since the last vacuum with the old cleaner and this has cleaned it’s clock (so to speak).
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