Blasted morning exercisers…

While i’m on  a roll with my posts… what is with people that walk/run in the mornings and the ones in the late evening). I’ll be driving in the suburban streets around my Home in Brisbane and nearly every day, i find myself swerving dangerously to avoid someone who is either running or walking on the road to get their daily fix.
What’s so bad about that you may ask.. well, when there is a 5 metre wide footpath on both sides of the road and they still insist on being the road. this mornings effort was a woman pushing a pram, just as i came around the corner. not only was she walking on the road but she wasat least 2 feet from the kerb. To top it off, she had the pram that has the big chunky offroad tyres too..
Last night there was some guy in the dark that was running down the right hand side of the road while not a metre to his right was a concrete path running parallel to the road. What is up with that. It ranks right up there with the junk mail delivery guy who insists on pushing his cart of pamphlets on the road, leaving it there while he stuffs the letterboxes and then continuing down the road to the next house..
Use the darn footpaths!! They are paths for foot traffic after all….
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