Windows Vista build 5381

I just finished installing Windows Vista build 5381 on my Dell Inspiron 1100. I know, it’s not the “recommended hardware” but hey, it’s all i have to build Vista. I have tried three versions so far, the last one being very dodgy, but this latest version ( still only part of a limited beta program) is just sweet.


It has been running much faster than all previous versions and i haven’t seen any problems, like the previous build did ( blasted Search Indexer) and it looks good. Unfortunately, the green grass wallpapers are gone for this build but that is minor. The icons and everything are developing well. That may seem minor but everyone wants a new operating system to look like and New Operating System.


The Media Center looks great and runs well. It still whinges at me about sound and video but that’s what happens to onboard video and sound. It still runs everything though, although i don’t have access to a TV Tuner card but that Xbox 360 is getting closer and closer… 


Unfortunately, I am not on the Office 2007 limited beta so ia have to wait for the public one like everyone else but in the meantime, Mail, Calendar and Contacts are all ably dealt with… I am looking forward to giving this one a workout. My wife loves it because the games have been given a workout and Emily loves it because of the New game where she can decorate her cakes…


Now how do i convince the bean-counters that new Hardware and Windows Vista is the way to go sooner rather than later….

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