Justin’s Wedding

Well, we have returned from our weekend away in the Hunter Valley. We arrived on a typical cold rainy day in newcastle and dropped by the wharf for Fish and Chips and a beer then drove on up to the Hunter Valley Resort where we were staying. There is nothing quite as fine as a trip through the Hunter Valley.
We met up with Justin and Nicole and most of the guests for a feed at the Bar where we consumed much beer and food and caught up with all of the guys. Most of these guys I had not seen since i had left Sydney and a couple that I hadn’t seen since i got out of the RAAF so many years ago… The Bar has it’s own Micorbrewery which produces finae ales, lagers, pilseners and most importantly, Ginger Beer. No, not Ginger ale but proper alcoholic Ginger Beer.
I first came across it in Newcastle at the Wharf Brewery where they had a strong ginger taste to there beers and only sold it for 4 bucks a pint… niiiice… Now the wharf sells the Blue Tongue Ginger beer which was in plentiful supply at the resort funnily enough. Many a story was told a ( some taller than others) and the footy season was carefully dissected.
On Saturday, we did what most parents on a weekend away sans children do… yes, we slept in… (what did you think i was going to say ??!!). we then spent the day sitting around chatting and then watching the first quarter of the footy. The ceremony went off without a hitch and was just beatiful. We then retired back to catch the last quarter (with some more beers) to see the Swans pump Richmond. Colleen and I caught up with Justins brothers and his Dad  and  sat around chatting (and an Anzac Day trip to he Footy next year) until the reception started. Again more stories came out and the beer and wine flowed and a fabulous time was had by all… We retired for the evening ( just in time for me to catch the second half of the Collingwood-West Coast game – so close!!).
All too soon, it was time to farewell all and depart back to Brisbane and reality… It has only been recently that we have started taking a weekend off or two here and there while Emily stays with friends and family and we are feeling the benefits of having that time together…
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