Innovation 2006 – Not so innovative

how fantastic is this..Innovation 2006, a technical training session to get a headstart on Windows Vista and Office 2007. I can’t wait to have a go at this on two fronts, one to get a real "hands-on" look so we can see for ourselves all the great work that Jensen Harris is telling us all about.The other is being able to do a full report back to bean-counters and Manangers on how we can really benefit from this upgrade.
So i got to sign up for the Innovation 2006 but hang on… Syndey, Canberra and  Melbourne only… Dang, yet another case where IT stops at the Harbour. Why is it Brisbane can’t have this? After all, 1000 people a week can’t be wrong. QLD IT is growing at a huge rate. when i first moved here in 2001, jobs were scarce and applicant plentiful. Now there is an explosion of positions. from 2004 to 2005 IT jobs in QLD (and WA) rose 65% compared to the 25% growth in NSW (source: and yet we still get stiffed on a lot of events and sessions.
Sure, we had the SQL 2005 Ready launch to which most of our IT staff ( Developers and IT Pros alike) went to and loved it. That event alone kick-started a number of ideas and changes to a number of ways we do things (not all of which made it past the bean-counters – blasted retail sales slump). That Launch Event was packed but it was one of the few major events or session that i have seen here…
Come on folks at MS and others, we do IT up here in the Sunshine state and do it well so come on and show us your wares… The local guys are doing well so come on and join the party. You might even like it up here.
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4 Responses to Innovation 2006 – Not so innovative

  1. Deeps says:

    Hey Brett,
    Fair comments.  Im a Marketing Manager here at Microsoft Australia and keen to make this right.  Please email me at
    Regards, Deeps De Silva.

  2. Brett says:

    Thanks Deeps, I’ll be in touch… nice to know someone else agrees.

  3. Greg says:

    So do you reckon this Deeps guy gets paid to read your blog site?
    How do I get onto this payroll!

  4. Brett says:

    Indeed, however, i do know that he was helped in finding his way here…. and now he has made an offer of assistance…

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