Why I am a Collingwood Supporter?

Why I am a Collingwood Supporter?
For those who know me well, they know I am a passionate AFL fan, and more importantly a Collingwood supporter.  But given the performance of my team over the last few years with 2 failed Grand Final appearances, and poor positions on the AFL ladder I am being asked "Why do you still support that crap AFL team, why do you support Collywobbles?"  I will now explain why!
I started supporting Collingwood, but no where near as passsionately as I do now. Even though I was in Melbourne in 1990, i was still a fresh Queensland lad, learning the Radio Technician Trade at the RAAF School of Radio….and something about Collingwood grabbed me…not sure what but out of all the clubs it was the one that stood out. 
Not long after that, i was posted to Katherine in the Norhern Terrirtory. I tried my hand at the local  Rugby League competition and found myself either not getting the ball, or getting the ball and getting smashed not long after.. they breed them big and tough up there…..
One of my mates at work, Justin, was a big footy fan and a Collingwood supporter and playing footy for the Tindal Magpies. I tagged along and ran water and generally drank a lot of beer like a good supporter does..
Then the following year, i had a go.. To be honest, i really sucked. I couldn’t kick a drop punt to save my life but i perservered.. eventually i got a bit better and better with the help of my teammates and the coach..
During this time, i was watching a lot of footy on the TV as well.. Watching the Pies, Playing in their strip with a good bunch of lads got me going and i was hooked, an unofficial member of the Black and White Army.. Brisbane rose and rose and i felt nothing despite beinga queensland boy.. I didn’t respect their play or their attitude. Oh they had the skills but they had all that extra cash and allowances and they knew it..
2002 came,  and with it, the Grand Final and this is when  my support for collingwood grew and my hatred for Brisbane also came apparent.  Through 2003, with help of some footy fanatical mates, my passion and love for AFL and Collingwood grew and by the 2003 Grand Final I was pumped to see us win the flag for the first time since 1990…but that game would be the unravelling of Collingwood and the beginning of our downfall.
2004 and 2005 for Collingwood has been well….in other words….crap! The Magpies have been at the lowest of lows, only occasionally showing spurts of teamwork, passion, want and desperation, but most of the time giving up, lacking fight and courage, not doing the hard work, having doubts and missing golden and crucial opportunities again and again!!!!  Yet here I am,  still supporting the Collingwood team through the terrible year of 2005. And why?  One thing I have learnt and admired about Collingwood and its army of supporters is their optimism, determination, committment and loyalty.  These are features that as a individual I try to uphold myself, and I can identify with these Collingwood traits.  Out of all the supporters of all the AFL clubs, Collingwood supporters would be up their for being the most loyal and committed out them all.  2004 and 2005, for other supporters of other clubs would have made them jump off the bandwagon, but for me it has only made me look forward to future seasons and increased my want to see Collingwood  win a premiership.  And this goes for the majority of Collingwood supporters.  Everypart of Australia you will find large numbers of black and white, loyal and committed to seeing their team win. 
This is why I support Collingwood without fail.  And is what I believe sets Collingwood supporters apart from the rest! Yes maybe a little too optimistic but definitely loyal, determined and committed!!  And perhaps that is why we are hated so much! 
Anyway, we are injury-free (toouch wood) and ready to make a move for some long-overdue September action…
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