Back from another Long weekend….

So we had our third Long Weekend (Easter, Anzac Day and Labour Day) which means 4 weeks of 4 Day weeks. It’s gonna be tough next week doing a whole 5 day week… oh wait, i’m taking Firday off to fly to th Hunter Valley for Justin’s wedding…
Anyway, I had a Blokes Day on Sunday. We got up at Sunrise and played Golf with Dad and Russell ( Bruce couldn’t make it this time) at Cooroy Golf Club. The extra travel time was mor than made up for with the fact that it is a fantastic course.. It was uncrowded, quiet but challenging enough (for a beginner like me…). I shot a 57 on the Par 36 9 holes. While i am aiming for a 2 shots over par on each hole, i had some shockers (8 on a Par 3) and some great holes Par 4 on the 4th Hole… My Drives are becoming smashes down the groud ( although accuracy can sometimes suffer with a bit if a draw creeping in) but my short irons are really suffering…
After Golf we then proceeded up to the Maleny Wood Expo. This is something Dad and I do every year and it is always good to go up there, get some ideas and check out how things are going up there… There is always some fine furniture as well as some good info on different woods and sustainable forestry and all that stuff…
After that, it was a quick blat dback down the highway to come back home… It was well into the evening before i got home but a great day nonetheless…
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