Anzac day remembered

Well another Anzac Day has come and gone…. unfortunately i was too ill to be able to go to the Parade this year. Colleen and Em went instead with our Anzac Pins and our homemade "Thank You" sign. It never ceases to amaze me the appreciation that the diggers show for the simple act of turning up to the parade and holding a sgn saying thankyou. of course, it means much more than that to boththem and to us.
last year, i was overcome with emotions at the reaction of the soldiers after most of them threw a meaningful nod, a wink or a wave our way. Of course it was no different this year with Colleen holding the sign. She said that it was all the dust from the marching and the jeeps but i know better….
So i say thankyou to all those who laid everything on the line to defend our way of life and to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice…
Lest we Forget…
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2 Responses to Anzac day remembered

  1. Greg says:

    Have you posted off your ADM form yet? I have heard that almost 6000 have already been issued!

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