Colleen’s School reunion

we attended the School Reunion of Colleen’s School ( well, one of them), the Paradise Christian Academy. This school was actually started by her parents and began in a  garage in their home and later moved to the site in Carrara which is now the home of Emmanuel College.
We had a great time, Colleen got to re-connect with a lot of old friends, many who now live within 10-20 minutes of us.  I got to see a whole new aspect of Colleen’s past of which i knew little. It was a difficult time for her ( the pictures of the shy,awkward teenager are testament to that ) but it was amazing to see the transformation of that teenager to the wonderful wife i have now is noting short of amazing and re-affirms my belief in her inner strength and determination. How lucky i am to have such a wonderful woman as my wife…
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3 Responses to Colleen’s School reunion

  1. Greg says:

    I sure hope you got good brownie points for that at home!
    Did you see Leighton at the reunion?

  2. Colleen says:

    Apparently there is an unspoken rule that wives should always read their husbands bloggs.  NOBODY TOLD ME!!
    Did he get brownie points???   Hell yeah!!!!
    I can almost forgive the gawky teenager comments.

  3. Brett says:

    Indeed, although i think if i had remembered what I had typed when she thanked me for it, i might have got more…

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